Magna Carta Libertatum 1215 – The Great Charter of Liberties


    • It means, on one hand, a knife to a throat and a document signed under duress. Also a promise that if the king wishes to be a dick, he will get his head chopped off by the Dukes. On the other hand, it means something that is no longer practiced here in north America or in the UK for that matter.

    • I think the key word in it is liberties. Not freedoms such as a actual free man would enjoy with rights. It's still just a document for subjects.

    • Sure about that? I was pretty sure this was the founding document that separated the Kings Supreme Power of his subjects into 3 separate houses. The Lords, Commons & Judiciary. All 3 Houses uniquely apart from each other, with equal powers and never the right to join with another to overcome another
      This was the beginning of the way we govern and seek justice today.
      Innocent till proven guilty, the right to fair trial and to be judged by your peers, trial by jury. No property to be confiscated without due process and much much more.

    • I'm sooooo confused about what's been repealed, whether statute can repeal Magna Carta or not (I know your views on statute but sadly the courts don't seem to agree with you, and people end up in prison – rightly or wrongly), differing interpretations, and the relative authority of the bits that were tacked on afterwards.

  1. Freeman – those of free status in the eyes of the law (that is, not villeins) and as such having certain rights denied to villeins, such as access to the Kings courts in certain actions, freedom to move about and marry and exemption from certain onerous duties. [Article 1 Magna Carta].

  2. No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any other way harmed. Nor will we [the king] proceed against him, or send others to do so, except according to the lawful sentence of his peers and according to the Common Law.

  3. The MC is where the Sovereign Power of the King was divided into 3 sepperate autonomous houses, the Lords, Commons & Judiciary. This is the flour and water that makes bread. Government as we know it today is based on this structure & document.
    What we have now is a government/bakery that has turned the good bread of good government into some kind of Fruit Cake.

  4. Do you collect a 'Slaves Wage'? Objectively, a villein’s position was not greatly different from that of a modern ‘wage slave’ (perhaps one in a relatively poor country), other than the fact that they could not change master.

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