The Great Birth Certificate (Trust) Scam: This is How They Are Enslaving You

YOU BETTER START ACTING IN YOUR CAPACITY AS THE ADMINISTRATOR of the Trust, and put them back in the position of being the Trustee.
Yep, it all started when your unsuspecting Mother signed you away by using her “Maiden” name on your birth certificate. The state used that little trick to take ownership of the offspring by assuming you were a bastard child without a father, even if there is a father listed/known. (more…)

Violation Tickets PDF

Violation Tickets and Appearance Notices De-Constructed

By Robert Arthur Menard

Downloadable PDF $14.95

If you are reading this, chances are you have at one time or another received a Violation Ticket.

Like many others, you might have considered it to be unfairly issued, yet to fight it would require you to take time off work and go dispute in court, often with nothing more then the hope that the officer who issued it would not show up. It is not like these tickets are honestly issued. The authority to issue them is covered in so much deception it really feels more like we are being fleeced.

The Violation Tickets and Appearance Notices used by The Province of British Columbia have been deconstructed and the deception inherent within them is about to be revealed to you. With this information, you can successfully deal with any Violation Ticket or Notice honorably and without worry of having to go to court. The way to deal with them is to first understand what some of the words on them actually mean. Then you must realize that you have options not mentioned on the Tickets themselves.

Once you have a basic understanding of what it is you are actually dealing with, you can better defend yourself against them. First you will learn what some of the more deceptive words mean, and then we will take a very close look at one of the Tickets and one of the Appearance Notices and examine not only what they do say, but more importantly what they do not say.

Then you will be shown sample documents you can use as a template to deal with your own Tickets and Notices.

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How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency

How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man

A Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are

Downloadable PDF FREE

by Mary Elizabeth Croft

Remember the bumper sticker ‘QUESTION AUTHORITY’? Everyone said it yet no one did anything about it. I did; I recognized it.

I had known from a very young age that I, and none other, was my own and only authority. It seems I simply spent my life evidencing it. I never, ever, listened to anyone outside myself.

The problem was that I also never listened to me.

It took me decades to learn to trust my intuition. The most important thing we will ever learn is who we are and this will require that we change our minds about who we think we are. This will require that we throw out everything we think we know and replace it with what we have intuitively always known. We must listen only to what our intuition intends for us.


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Visit Mary Elizabeth Croft’s website here

Security of the Person DVD

Security of the Person

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By Robert-Arthur:Menard $19.95

This new work from Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur: Menard examines the meaning of the term “security of the person” and how it relates to your relationship with the government. (more…)

The Magnificent Deception DVD

The Magnificent Deception

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By Robert-Arthur:Menard $19.95

The Magnificent Deception is Rob Arthur Menard’s newest DVD video on the concepts of Freedom, Law, and Commerce, and how they relate to Persons, Humans, and Freesouls-On-Land. (more…)

Rob’s Very Cunning Plan PDF

Rob’s Very Cunning Plan

Downloadable PDF
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By Robert-Arthur:Menard FREE!

The World Freeman Society is on the leading edge of positive change. We offer a comprehensive plan to promote and serve peace and abundance across the entire world. (more…)

With Lawful Excuse PDF

With Lawful Excuse

Downloadable PDF
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By Robert-Arthur:Menard $29.95

There is an opportunity for you here to take simple steps that will allow you to fully and completely regain your freedom. It is not a harmful process nor is it in any way unlawful. It is merely the truth which has always been and when properly applied always works.  (more…)

Letters To Authorities PDF

Letters to Authorities 

Downloadable PDF
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By Robert-Arthur:Menard $14.95

We live in a society where we labour under and are governed by more laws, statutes, regulations and bylaws than Soviet Russia. The people who enforce these regulations are very well recompensed for their efforts and the big problem is, they do not understand the source, nature and limits of their authority. Ask them what some of the words in their mandates mean and they do not know. (more…)

Parking Tickets Deconstructed PDF

Parking Tickets Deconstructed

Downloadable PDF
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By Robert-Arthur:Menard $14.95

Never Pay Another! Never Go to Court!

Simple steps you can take which will ensure you never pay another parking ticket. Consists of actual correspondence between one man issued a ticket, and the people who tried in vain to get him to pay. (more…)

13 Things The Government Doesn’t Want You to Know PDF

13 Things The Government Doesn’t Want You to Know 

Downloadable PDF
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By Robert-Arthur:Menard $14.95

On Dec 5th, 2000 The Ministry of Children and Family Services ‘legally removed’ a child that didn’t ‘legally exist’. They did so without investigation. Because the acted without information, they claimed the infant had only one caregiver. They were wrong. (more…)